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London, England is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. London is the capital of England and gives tourists the chance to see the government up close and personal while visiting a lively city full of adventure. Private Coach Hire London offers some of the world’s greatest landmarks such as the Tower of London and the London Eye. Most of the landmarks are little to no cost to visit, which makes it easy and convenient to do a lot in the city. A London Pass can also be bought to get special discounts and offers for the landmarks. London even offers a multitude of kid-friendly options so that the whole family can enjoy the trip together. Listed below are some of the best landmarks, attractions, and restaurants that are must-sees in London.

Places to See in London
Coca-Cola London Eye
The London Eye is one of the most notable landmarks in London. It offers some of the best views of London from its 32 capsules. Every capsule weights about 10 tonnes and can have up to 25 people at a time. The London Eye will offer a one in a lifetime experience as you get to see the city of London from the sky. The ride is done in just a half an hour, giving you enough time to see other landmarks in London.

Tower of London
The Yeoman Warders offer tours of the Tower of London, which is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The tower is over 900 years old, and has served as a palace, place of execution, arsenal, zoo, jewel house, and even prison. Visitors love seeing the White Tower, the bedchamber of the medieval king, and even the room full of Crown Jewels.

The Shard
The Shard is one of the iconic buildings of the London skyline. It has views that stretch up to 40 miles. You can see the Coca-Colo London Eye, Wembley Stadium, and St. Paul’s Cathedral all from the Shard. There is an observation deck that sits about 800ft up the building.

Things to do in London 

Buckingham Palace Tour
Buckingham Palace is the place to go if you would like to see where the Queen resides. The palace has over 775 rooms. It is one of the only royal palaces still running in the whole entire world. The State Rooms are all beautifully decorated and are available for visitors to see during the summer.

London Dungeon
The London Dungeon is an interactive experience that allows you to dive into London’s dark past. The venue has actors, rides, and tons of special effects to give you the experience of those living in London’s darkest times. The experience is 90 minutes of fear, fun, and thrills.

Best Restaurants 

Black Axe Mangal
Black Axe Mangal, or B.A.M. is a newer, trendier restaurant loved by tourists from around the world. The restaurant specializes in Turkish flatbreads and kebabs. The restaurant is uniquely styled and offers all customers a chance to experience the edgier side of the city.

Delhi Grill
If you are looking for a cheaper, street style meal, the Delhi Grill is the place to go. The grill offers famous snacks from Dehli and Punjab. Visitors of the restaurant love the fine murgh makhani, otherwise known as butter chicken. The restaurant is adorned with Bollywood posters and visitors get to delve into the world of India while enjoying their meals.

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