cheap coach hire

At cheap coach hire London , we offer qualified drivers who understand every other part of the city. Even if you live in the United Kingdom, there are situations when you will need a designated driver and hiring our transport services is the best option for you.

We avail transport services for different events such as weddings, funerals, and birthdays just to mention a few. Our prices are fair, and our objective is to satisfy the client needs first.

Places to see

Visiting the lord’s Crickets grounds will give you an opportunity to tour one of the oldest cricket playing ground that has been in existence for more than two centuries.

Most importantly, you will have the chance to have a sneak peak of the original recording produced by the Beatles. Also, you can visit Muswell hill to view some of the best crocodile antiquities.

Things you can do while in London

Some memorable places that you can visit include the parliament houses, Churchill War Rooms, The Royal Albert Hall, and the Elizabeth Tower. In case you want to gain some little bit of knowledge on military matters of the United Kingdom, visiting the Royal Aircraft Museum and the Air Force Museum is worthwhile.

Site seeing is one of the primary activities that you can do while in London thanks to the long history associated with the city. In case you want to watch a movie, you can visit the Phoenix Cinema which is located in East Finchley.

Services to and from Cities

The vast nature of London can make it difficult for a visitor to get between different locations. That is why our drivers ensure you can navigate through various places with the least difficulty. Our transport services span across different cities like Salisbury, Winchester, Oxford, Canterbury, and Portsmouth.

Best restaurants

Different restaurants offer delicacies that will ensure your stay in the city is impacted with the best memories. Some of the best restaurants that you can go and have a meal include Adelphia Restaurant & Lounge, Woo, and Korova Restaurant. Woo is known to serve some of the best Chinese Dishes.

City Explanation

Getting from one place to another is easily achieved using a map. However, you don’t have to stress yourself since our well-trained cheap coach hire London drivers to understand each location within the city like the palm of their hand.

As a visitor, it is important to note that due to the large size of the London, different locations are referred to using postal codes such as E18, E20, N10, N22, or NW10.

8 seater minibus

Touring London requires an expert who understands different sections of the city. We know that most people may not be very conversant with various parts of the city and that is why at cheap coach hire London x3 services we ensure that you have an experienced driver at your disposal to guide you wherever you want to go.

The eight-seater minibuses are very comfortable, and they can take you to places such as Big Ben, London Eye, and Natural History Museum.

12 seater minibuses

Variety ensures flexibility, and that is an essential factor that we understand about our clients. The minibuses of this category can hold between 12 and 14 people. We avail En Masse transport services that make navigation through the city an easy undertaking.

16 seater minibuses

We provide you with some of the best packages and offers that will make you feel appreciated as a client. At the same time, our drivers understand the best places that are less costly where they can take the clients.

As a result, you will enjoy travelling around locations such as the National Gallery, Kensington and Buckingham Palace, and the Trafalgar Square at the least possible cost.

24 seater minibuses

London has numerous places that can be visited. Visitors and locals can contact us so that they can have a great experience. In case you adore travelling in a group, the 24 seater is a suitable option, and the great thing about this bus type is that it has the necessary amenities such as a washroom to ensure that clients are very comfortable as they travel.

33 seater coach

The client transport business is thriving and offering clients with the best services is our core objective. In an effort to remain that the top of the competition, we offer the 33 seater bus. It avails space and comfort as a package.

73 seater coach

The 73 seater bus is among the most massive transport vehicles that we have. We avail to our clients a 24-hour booking system since travelling is never limited by time. Preference is a critical factor in the transport business.

As a result, we provide executive cars, luxury coaches, and VIP vehicles. The size of the luxury transport vehicles may range between 32-74 seater coaches.